Bedline Bolsters North American Presence to Better Serve the Market


Las Vegas News Release

Bedline USA, LLC is formed
Bedline USA, LLC, an American subsidiary of Bedline (Madrid, Spain), has been formed to serve as contact for US customers in communication and financial transactions. “We have found that customers rather work with banks and people in the US, and this alone makes business easier for them” according to Hector Alcantara, General Manager of Bedline. “With our agent Scott Frisch (Discover Sleep) acting as our representative, we feel ready for success” Favorable response from the last two shows at the Las Vegas Market have proven an untapped need for storage platform beds. “To enter the market in the best way, it was felt to delay the launch until now when material costs and transportation have normalized. We are also aware some customers want a US manufactured product where goods are warehoused for quick response, and we’ve taken steps to address this as well.” according to Mr. Alcantara.

US Made Product
To further meet the needs of the customer base, Bedline has established mirror manufacturing with a US partner, Ironwood Bed Frames and Mattress (Phoenix, AZ) who will begin final manufacturing and warehousing in the in the next 60 days. In this way the customer has two options either in containers shipped from Bedline (Madrid, Spain) or a US option through Ironwood Bedframes and Mattress shipping from stock direct from Phoenix. According to owner, Andy Samarripas “The first time I saw Bedline storage beds I commented it was something I wanted to make for years. As I already make bedframes this partnership is a great fit. I’ll not only do final manufacturing, but also warehouse for easy shipping from Phoenix.”