Mlily USA to Begin U.S. Production of New Mattress Lines


Mlily USA plans to start U.S. production of two new mattress collections introduced at the Summer Las Vegas Market and expects to start shipping this fall.

Mlily USA is focusing on producing its new collection of value-driven hybrids

The goal at Mlily is to produce as much as possible in the U.S. factories (with the latest facility in Glendale, Arizona, up and running). So the new lines are set for U.S. production, part of the company’s strategy to expand U.S. production and emphasize U.S.-made goods. 

In another strategy, the Knoxville, Tennessee-based company is addressing back health and value-driven sleep products based on positive response from retail buyers at market, according to a news release.

The new ChiroPro hybrid collection, tested and endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association, was designed to provide optimum support for back health and alleviate one of American consumers’ most common issues with their mattress and sleep.

Mlily highlighted its exclusive partnership with the ICA during market when Dr. Joe Betz, clinical director of Modern Chiropractic Center and ICA chairman, was on hand daily in the showroom to speak with retailers and answer questions within his expertise.

“Retailers told us they liked the options ChiroPro offers different body types for a better comfort fit, but the options keep it simple enough for consumers to make a buying decision,” said Glenn Kobylarcyzk, executive vice president.

Available in firm and plush feels, the 13-inch ChiroPro mattress is constructed with multiple comfort and support layers, including gel and soft flex foams, and an individual, pocketed coil unit that conforms to the body and promotes natural airflow.

In addition, Kobylarcyzk said the new collection of value-driven hybrids was a “big hit” among retailers who experienced the lineup of 9-, 11-, and 13-inch mattresses.

“The definition of value is ‘the best you can get for the dollar,’ and that’s exactly what you get with these beds,” he said. “You get a graphene fabric cover that pulls heat away from the body, gel memory foam for extra cooling comfort, and an individual pocketed spring unit for durable support. That’s a great value that many consumers need, and every consumer wants.”