3 Companies Are Making their Las Vegas Debut in the SSA Sleep Pavilion



The SONU Sleep System mattress finally allows arms and shoulders to rest naturally where they're meant to, enabling deep sleep throughout the night, according to company officials.
The SONU Sleep System mattress finally allows arms and shoulders to rest naturally where they’re meant to, enabling deep sleep throughout the night, according to company officials.

In addition, one major company returns after a break from Las Vegas and 21 veteran companies will bring innovative sleep products to buyers visiting the Specialty Sleep Association’s busy showroom (C1565).

The Specialty Sleep Association’s Sleep Pavilion on the 15th floor of C Building in Las Vegas is always a place to see what is new in the sleep industry. Whether it be from companies and brands making their rookie appearance or from seasoned veterans showing off their innovative sleep solutions, the vibrant SSA Sleep Pavilion is a must for sleep product buyers. “We have some really exciting new brands showing this market, you don’t want to miss these guys! To make it fun, we’re giving buyers a chance at $50 cash when they get their badge scanned at the door. If you sell sleep, we want to see you in our showroom” says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones.

Making Their Las Vegas Debut

Kathy Ireland Kids

Is a collaboration with KozyKids, LLC to fill a void in the kids/teen furniture market and will make their first appearance together at this summer’s Las Vegas Market. Furniture designer, Carol Russo, has over 30 years’ experience designing and selling high-end kids’ furniture and along with Kathy Ireland is bringing a product to the Las Vegas Market that will be manufactured here in the United States. The emphasis is on quality, safety and functionality. Their concept is to make the experience of choosing your child’s bedroom furniture a fun experience for the entire family while making sure Kathy Ireland Kids furniture is made of the best solid wood and other materials available today. To quote Ms. Russo, “today’s consumer is a more savvy shopper and is much more aware of health and safety concerns than ever before, especially when their children are involved. Kathy Ireland Kids was designed to fill that void. By producing our furniture here in the U.S., we can make sure our strict guidelines are followed and can take the guesswork out of choosing a safe product for your family.”


Is leveraging 40+ years in the furniture business, leveraging logistics & technology to create the first Furniture Vending Business and you can get your share. Vending is a trillion-dollar global phenomenon with new players entering the industry offering high-risk, low-return offerings, compared to Furniture vending. You can look at a KozyVending Machine, like a fully stocked furniture store, but instead of spending hundreds of thousands in inventory and tens of thousands a month on traditional overhead, you have the same potential profit potential for your location. Make sure you stop by for a presentation.


Is a sleep technology and engineering brand that is devoted to dramatically improving the future of sleep. SONU’s introduction of the world’s first mattress designed specifically for side sleepers has revolutionized the space. The SONU Sleep System mattress finally allows arms and shoulders to rest naturally where they’re meant to, enabling top-quality, deep sleep throughout the night. SONU’s patented Comfort Channel and Support Pillow system molds to each sleeper’s desired position, greatly reducing pressures that are unavoidable with all other mattresses. The result is a truly unique level of comfort and an unforgettably relieving sleeping experience. These features have caught the attention of the sports world, as professional athletes, health and fitness experts alike all rely on their SONUs to improve recovery, breathing and quality of sleep every night to enhance their performance every day. With many endorsements and video reviews from thrilled professionals, SONU’s innovations are making waves in the mattress industry.

Williams Co. Mattress

The third-generation Colorado-born mattress company is releasing their top-performing collections for wholesale availability. Williams Co. will be exhibiting their Best-Selling Organic Line (GOTS and GOLS certified materials, and dual-core options), and their luxury memory foam Hybrid Line (Natural quilting fibers, copper-infused memory foam, zippable cover). All of their products are handcrafted in Colorado under careful quality control, and quickly shipped. By the year 2025, 40% of consumers are estimated to be seeking an organic or sustainably made mattress. Williams Co. is revolutionizing showroom offerings, providing luxury comfort and pressure relief, using organic and natural materials.


After a time away from Market, Naturepedic is back in the SSA Sleep Pavilion. Founded by a board-certified environmental engineer in 2003, Naturepedic didn’t just join the organic sleep movement – they pioneered it. Now, 20 years later, organic is the fastest-growing segment in the bedding industry, and Naturepedic can help you grow your business with certified organic mattresses and bedding accessories that appeal to health-conscious and eco-minded consumers. And with drop-shipping services throughout the continental U.S., comprehensive retailer training and more, adding organic products to your offerings has never been easier. At Summer Market, Naturepedic will be showcasing just-launched accessories like the Organic Side Sleeper Pillow and Organic Pet Bed. They will also have classic favorites including the certified organic Chorus, Serenade and Concerto mattresses (that are highly competitive in a retail store) and award-winning, certified organic baby and kids’ mattresses, all handcrafted in the USA with premium domestic and global materials.

Showroom Veterans Are “Bringing It” to July Market. Here Are Some of the Mattresses You Will See


Will offer their two flagship models; Organic Classic Original and Organic Classic Ultrasoft–handmade, certified luxury innerspring mattresses made of the finest quality, certified materials (see attached photos). They will also be soliciting indications of interest in an entry-level, two-sided organic latex product, to be offered at a lower price point but made using the same techniques as our flagship models and with the same quality of materials.

Sheela Foam India/ Interplasp Spain

Are bringing mattresses with new technologies to this market – 17 new technologies to be exact, from their state-of-the-art plants located in three continents, India, Australia and Spain. Their special foaming processes are environmentally friendly using a Variable Pressure Foaming machine (VPF). The VPF process protects the environment by not emitting VOCs, uses lesser catalyzing agents and produces superior, consistent products which are affordable with outstanding comfort and longer life compared to competing technologies. In addition to their memory foam and hybrid mattresses, they will also offer their proprietary and unique Hygroflex responsive memory Foam, which they call “the next generation of memory foam”. They will introduce their Latex Plus PU foam with properties closely matching Natural Latex but with better lifetime performance and a very competitive price.

Eurolux Living

European Mattresses Since 1966 – are offering new additions to their Elite, Platinum and Gold Collections including the Novis, Eurolux Premium and Lux Silver models. Their mattresses are sustainable, luxurious and made with innovative materials. Their mattresses are manufactured in Spain, sourced from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain, and offer fast shipping from their US Facility.

Rounding out the mattress offerings in the room is I Love Mattress which is launching an all-new Out Cold Renew Mattress collection featuring not one but three new proprietary memory foams that enhance the consumer experience with extended comfort life. And don’t miss the mattresses from Cariloha, Somnus, Natural Home by The Futon Shop, and SleepTone.

Here Are Some of the Bed Frames You Will See

W. Silver Products

Manufactures bed frames, high-rise platform bases and adjustable beds. All of their products are manufactured with quality in mind from the onset. Their new split king and split queen adjustable beds are available for immediate delivery, along with their bed frames and high-rise platform bases. With a low minimum order, and superior customer service, why not purchase from W. Silver Products?

Monarch Sleep Systems

Will present their latest innovations in adjustable bed frames with customizable sleep decks for infinite comfort. They offer design and fulfillment for retailers and distributors needing a full portfolio and cutting-edge sleep innovations. Whether you are competing for value or pushing consumer differentiation they say their products will provide you an advantage.


Is a Canadian manufacturer of metal bed frames, platforms and other products supporting the mattress, since 1963. Their customers look to Beaudoin for simple and solid products from a flexible and reliable North American manufacturer. Their focus at this summer market is on their platform collection. Design and branding options, US warehousing and great manufacturing capacity all make it a must-see space during your market visit!

Kelley Global Sales

Will be showcasing their newest Adjustable Bases at the most competitive pricing and shipping. All bases are backed by outstanding service and warranty with toll-free service. All bases featured are also foldable for easy warehousing and delivery including their Lumbar, Head-Tilt model. Lightweight and UPS-able. They are also showing 2 UPS-able storage foundations and Lift recliner chairs. All are warehoused for quick delivery.

Modern Motion

Rounds out the offering of adjustable frames you will find in the room.

You Won’t Find a Better Selection of Top-of-Bed Products in Any Other Showroom

I Love Pillow

Is introducing Luna Lux Sleep, a new luxury brand pillow, featuring Lux Dual Climate fabrics with I Fit design and SMART Core support technology. Building on the success of the Cool Fit Athleisure brand is the new Airtex and Hybrid sleep core technologies. Gel Cloud is a new pillow with certified recycled fibers and cotton fabric. We have expanded many of our collections with a custom kid’s size contour pillow. Their space will be updated with new display and digital content. They provide branded and private label solutions for retail and drop ship businesses and all our products are proudly made in the USA


Has a new line called Organic Comfort. Their new Latex pillow is filled with 90% natural latex and 10% traceable wool. Their pillow cover is made from 95% GOTS Certified organic cotton. Their Inner pillow fabric is made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton. Their Organic Comfort Layer is filled with 90% natural latex and 10% traceable wool. OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED.

Blue Ridge Home Fashions

Is one of the leading basic bedding manufactures offering a complete line of natural and synthetic-filled pillows, comforters, mattress pads, toppers, blankets, and throws. An industry leader for over 29 years in health and wellness innovation and the finest crafted bedding. Blue Ridge prides itself on its commitment to quality, comfort, and sustainability. Blue Ridge Home Fashions is the official licensee of top legacy brands Martha Stewart®, Serta®, Beautyrest® and Kathy Ireland®. BRHF will be introducing a new custom support pillow program under the traceable organic brand Farm to Home®. Farm to Home® leads with sophisticated design, high quality, and full transparency. Farm to Home® offers affordable, authentic, and accessible organic home textile products for today’s conscious consumer (@Farmtohomeorganic). BRHF will also be debuting a new 37.5 fabrication combining Blue Ridge materials with 37.5 Technology. 37.5 technology powered by Cocona creates a more comfortable sleep environment by delaying the onset of liquid sweat, drying faster, increasing comfort, and helping control odor. (thirtysevenfive.com).

Boccuzzi Home

Will launch Handcrafted Italian Luxury Sheets at this market. This breakthrough brand is adding sheets to its line of 100% natural cotton, non-slip mattress covers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors. With luxury detail and attention-grabbing packaging, Boccuzzi Home products created market buzz and accelerated the introduction of a comparable, and competitive, line of sheets. For years Boccuzzi Home 600 thread count sateen sheets have been enjoyed exclusively in some of Europe’s finest luxury hotels and Boccuzzi is confident they will prove to be the softest, smoothest, most luxurious sheets to hit the US specialty sleep market. The master fabric craftspeople at Boccuzzi Home have developed breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable sheets that come in a variety of colors, are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. Nothing is mass-produced, Boccuzzi Home manages all its manufacturing in Puglia, Italy. Boccuzzi has been part of the movement toward sustainable cotton products since long before it came into vogue. Harry Goodman, managing Boccuzzi Home USA operations, commented that “Boccuzzi products are of the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity, and with such timeless, deep-rooted Italian sensibilities, we are confident this expansion of our US product line will deliver greater success for the brand and our partners.”


Backed by over 40 years of experience, Sleeptone is here to help you recharge & get the sleep you need – the sound sleep you deserve. Rigorous quality control has made them a major vendor for Fortune 500 companies, online & brick-and-mortar retailers, hotels, schools, military bases, and government agencies. Their 210,000-square-foot upstate New York warehouse, New Jersey warehouse & Los Angeles warehouse employ state-of-the-art systems to facilitate the on-time delivery of every order at an ultra-affordable shipping rate, while their Brooklyn & upstate New York showrooms welcome any discerning buyers swinging by. “Retailer or customer, everybody wins when we consistently bring the best value to people who dream of comfort, quality & a touch of luxury”. They look forward to helping you rest easy during and long after the purchasing process.


Manufacturer of organic and natural bedding Sleep & Beyond will be launching two new products at the upcoming summer market, the certified organic cotton Muslin blanket along with the certified organic Honeycomb cotton blanket. Woven from pure, sustainably sourced organic cotton, the organic cotton Muslin blanket harmoniously blends the exquisite beauty of nature with the indulgence of luxury. Available in classic ivory, crisp white, pacific blue and sage green colors. The organic Honeycomb blanket’s intricate pattern is reminiscent of the honeybees’ diligent craftsmanship and brings forth a sense of wonder and cozy elegance. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this blanket is a testament to the artisan’s devotion and the richness of organic materials. Versatile and timeless, the organic honeycomb blanket is available in classic ivory, crisp white, and Pacific blue.


The new material for furniture is here to change the industry and save you money, effort, carbon emissions, and landfill space, as it increases productivity and durability. Developed at MIT, this material, made of engineered cellulose fibers, is lighter, stronger, compressible and 100% biodegradable. The furniture industry has used the same materials for decades, wood, metal, coils, and elastics. HoSTTech is here to make the manufacturing process simpler and faster since it takes 50% less time to manufacture a 3-seater sofa using HoSTTech versus the traditional materials. This means fewer energy, operators, and components to buy and manage. It simply means doing more with less. According to the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings (sofas, tables, chairs, and mattresses) went to waste in 2018, and from that, only 40 tons were recycled. These numbers are only going up unless manufacturers start using better, more sustainable materials, like HoSTTech, which is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, in addition to having a life span much longer than the 5-10 years usually seen in the industry. HoSTTech, inspired by nature’s Honeycombs, is compressible, before and even as a finished product, which translates into 1/3 of the space needed for material and finished product storage. Not to mention shipping, where you can fit 3x more sofas in a 40′ container. This new material, HoSTTech, has been successfully used in stationary and modular sofas, ottomans, bed bases, pods, and stools. It provides product designers with an array of options when it comes to length, depth, height, and armrest types. HoSTTech’s design team works hand in hand with manufacturers to ensure the adoption process is simple and benefits are optimized. HoSTTech is here to bring simplicity and performance to furniture manufacturing while being kind to the world.

Don’t Miss the Cool and Innovative Furniture in Showroom

Healthguard and Cariloha are established brands who will have their mattress protectors and sheet sets ready for you.

Arason Enterprises will feature their cabinet beds, Natural Home by The Futon Shop has organic sofas and futons for you, and Furniture For Life will have their amazing massage chairs on display for you to try out.

All this shopping makes you hungry – so don’t miss the fresh and hot pretzels from Auntie Anne’s that the Specialty Sleep Association will be offering in their member lounge Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 11 am – 2 pm.