Blue Ridge Home Fashions Partners With CiCLO® Technology


Insistent on a more sustainable future, the partnership aims to reduce microplastic pollution within the home textiles space.


Blue Ridge Home Fashion Logo.

Irwindale, CA – September 7, 2023 – Blue Ridge Home Fashions, today, announces its partnership with CiCLO® technology, to debut its new innovative basic bedding collection in September, which will feature filled pillows, comforters, mattress pads, mattress toppers and blankets created with CiCLO® polyester. Blue Ridge will feature CiCLO® technology as part of its licensed organic Farm-to-home bedding program.

CiCLO® filled bedding developed by Blue Ridge will be available this fall across the country in a major department store. Blue Ridge will also launch the products enhanced with CiCLO® technology internationally.

CiCLO® technology is a patented textile ingredient designed to mitigate fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution,  the most prevalent form of microplastic pollution found around the globe. 

“Sustainability is a key consideration for all of our products from the design stage to when they arrive in stores,” says Jody Folino, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Ridge. “Using CiCLO® technology within our assortment  is a testament to our commitment to designing and creating sustainably conscious, quality products that will improve our homes and the planet.”

Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are ideal choices for home furnishings because of their utility, high performance and strength. However, almost all fabrics shed during manufacture, use, and care, and the small fibers end up as pollutants in the environment. Conventional synthetics like polyester and nylon are plastics and not readily biodegradable unless they are blended with CiCLO® technology. The addition of CiCLO® technology imparts the inherent characteristic of biodegradability, enabling microbes in wastewater sludge, soil, landfill, and seawater to break down the polyester and nylon at greatly accelerated rates compared to conventional synthetics.

“We are thrilled to partner with Blue Ridge to help them reach their goal of using the best possible materials within the home textiles space, and further progress on our mission to reduce the impact of unavoidable synthetic microfiber pollution,” said Andrea Ferris, Co-Inventor of CiCLO® technology.  “We look forward to a future where there is no leakage of plastic into the environment, but until then, CiCLO® technology brings us one step closer to solving the tremendous problem of microplastic pollution.”