Shifman: Sustainable Model, Philosophy Long Before It Was Popular



Shifman's Sustainable Showcase. Shifman's legacy of sustainable mattress manufacturing.

Shifman Mattress Co. is showcasing its pioneering legacy in sustainable mattress manufacturing during High Point Market, April 13-17, with an array of bedding collections featuring the finest natural materials and crafted with a 130-year-old commitment to the well-being of its customers and the earth’s resources. 

As the industry increasingly prioritizes sustainability, Shifman affirms its place as a leader in luxury bedding by highlighting its long-standing dedication and practices that keep sustainability at the heart of its business for well over a century. It will feature two premium mattress collections and a luxury pillow program that prove luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously. 

“The pioneering spirit has always lived in the Shifman brand. Sustainability practices throughout our operations were implemented long before they became a trend in the industry,” said Bill Hammer, president. 

The company sources the finest Canadian black spruce premium-grade lumber from sustainable forests, ensuring that for every tree cut down, a new one is planted. Scrap materials from manufacturing processes, including fabric and fiber remnants, are repurposed locally, or transported to local recycling plants.  

“According to the EPA, the United States disposes of an estimated 18.2 million mattresses each year and only 19% of them recycled. The explosion of online, foam mattresses has amplified the waste problem. Most take hundreds of years to decompose with memory foam taking a thousand years. Shifman uses durable, natural materials for long-lasting comfort, facilitating a reduction in landfill waste,” said Hammer. 

Additionally, Shifman repurposes clean raw materials within the manufacturing process and excess cotton is fed back into the garneting process. Springs are made from clean recycled steel, reducing the company’s environmental footprint. 

At the upcoming High Point Market, Shifman will feature the Pure Comfort Collection, a natural latex line that embodies the brand’s commitment to eco-consciousness. With a seven-inch pure natural latex core and New Zealand wool, each mattress is handcrafted for superior comfort and total confidence of sleeping on the highest quality, naturally sourced materials. The adjustable base-friendly design offers a new level of customized sleep comfort. 

Inspired by iconic interior designers of the 20th century, Shifman’s Inspired Collection pays homage to timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. Each mattress, named after influential designers, boasts premium materials including cotton, natural latex, New Zealand wool, and cashmere. The collection’s two-sided construction and hand-tufted process further emphasizing its commitment to quality and sustainability. 

Shifman’s luxury pillow program offers consumers a range of premium pillow options crafted for exceptional comfort and breathability. From 100% latex pillows to premium white goose feather and down options responsibly sourced, each pillow is assembled and packaged in the USA. 

Shifman Mattresses High Point showroom is located at 108 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

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