All the Trends at High Point Market


High Point trends recap. Beth English and Waynette Goodson highlight some of the new intros and launches at High Point Market — all of which align with current bedding trends including adjustable bases, cooling materials, value prices and designer trade programs.


Waynette Goodson
It’s Waynette Goodson; I’m your Managing Editor of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy Magazines. And today, I’m with Beth English, our Editorial Director. It’s a big day. We are at the High Point Market, and we’re going to give you our end-of-day wrap. The products that we’ve seen have just very much impressed us so far. Beth, why don’t you kick us off with just who’s out front for you right now?

Beth English
I started my day at Luxfort Home. They have the power bed line, and they’ve got new covers and new styles. And then from there, I went to Malouf, and they are showcasing their new adjustable base that’s got a sleeker and quieter base. And at the nice charcoal color, which feels like a nice facelift for them. And from there, I went to Ashley. Now they have expanded their bedding showroom.

It went from 4000 square feet to 7000 square feet. They were also highlighting another adjustable base that has all the bells and whistles, including some speakers behind the headboard. So you get this nice surround sound when you’re in bed. And some lumbar support. So that’s lovely. And then I’ve been by to see Bedgear, and they have this cool new, literally cool, Night Ice Pillow, which is in this really dark blue shade but has cooling at every single layer, not just the top.

And the next layer and then the middle.

Waynette Goodson
So, many trends that you saw. You saw the cooling story and adjustable bases; they just keep coming on stronger and stronger. See a lot of those. Well, I started my day yesterday at Saatva. Yes. For the first time. That’s the budget market Saatva is showing here. They have a beautiful new showroom in InterHall.Why Inter Hall? Because they are promoting their design trade program.

They’re offering designers a 14% commission to sign up and work with them and their clients. So that’s huge this time. And then also huge AW Industries. We just saw them. They’ve added 2500 square feet to their space and introduced this Chesapeake Bay Collection with a sustainability story. Of course, sustainability still huge and using the reprieve technology, there’s one model that has like 200 water, recycled water bottles in the bed.

So, you know, we’re hearing that Gen Z and Millennials are really asking for this. And that Paul Kahl was echoing that at AW Industries. And finally, we’ll give a shout-out to Bedding Industries of America. They introduced their new Eclipse Moonlight series. And it’s a value series, but it is gorgeous. I mean, wait till you see this taking black and white.

Lots of contrast and these different graduated firmness levels from 1-O, which was kind of the softest, most luxurious, up to an extra firm 5-O. So, after all, we saw at Las Vegas, I thought, what more are we going to see at High Point? Absolutely. We’ve seen a lot of new High Point, but we’re just…

Waynette Goodson
We’re happy to be here. Thank you so much for tuning in, and keep looking out for our June issue, right? Is that when we’ll have our High Point bedding coverage, and we’ve got more videos coming your way as always, have a great night’s sleep.

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