Boccuzzi Home Brings Luxury Mattress Protectors to Las Vegas Market

Boccuzzi Home mattress protectors


Boccuzzi Home brings its new luxury, handcrafted mattress protectors to the USA, launching at the Winter 2023 Las Vegas Market. These mattress protectors are tee shirt soft & crazy comfortable! The Boccuzzi Mattress Protector is made of the highest quality, naturally pure 100% Italian cotton. Unlike other mattress protectors that are either too puffy (making it impossible to keep your sheets on the bed) or too stiff and crunchy (like lying on plastic popcorn), the Boccuzzi Mattress Protector feels just right. It is pre-washed and breathable so you don’t overheat during sleep. It’s the ideal choice for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. The elastic band around the bottom keeps the protector perfectly in place with no slipping off the mattress. The luxuriously comfortable Boccuzzi Mattress Protector helps to protect your mattress investment, extending the bed’s brand new look and feel.