Boccuzzi Home to Launch Handmade Italian Luxury Mattress Accessories at Las Vegas Winter Market 2023



Boccuzzi products that are made with pure cotton.

Boccuzzi, who since 1979 has been manufacturing in Italy and is presently in 19 countries, brings their luxury Italian made products to the US market. Boccuzzi Home is carrying a full line of 100% natural cotton, non-slip mattress covers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors.

Delivering superior comfort and protection while using 100% natural Italian cotton, Boccuzzi has been part of the movement toward sustainable cotton products since long before it has been in vogue. Today, as demand for all natural products is growing exponentially, the Boccuzzi Home products are uniquely positioned for USA success as the natural purity of their mattress covers and protectors is of particular significance to the luxury market.

With luxury detail and attention-grabbing packaging, Boccuzzi Home is expecting their products to be disruptors in the category. Harry Goodman, who is spearheading the USA launch, commented that “Boccuzzi products are of the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity, and with such timeless, deep-rooted Italian sensibilities, we are confident this launch into the US market will deliver devoted customers and success for the brand and our partners.”