Reinventing a Legend: Englander Unveils the Tension Ease H2™ in its 130th Year



Englander's Tension Ease H2 mattress.

CHICAGO (January 15, 2024) – Honoring its 130-year heritage of innovation and quality, Englander is set to showcase a refreshed national product lineup at the Las Vegas Market. This lineup includes an updated version of one of the company’s most enduringly popular models, the Tension Ease H2.

The Tension Ease H2 is a new hybrid mattress featuring Hybrid Energex technology. This foam innovation blends the comfort of memory foam with an active response feature, aimed at providing enhanced pressure relief, support, and consistent comfort throughout the night. The mattress also incorporates the Englander Edge™ steel coil perimeter system, with over 1,000 fabric-wrapped springs, designed to prevent the feeling of rolling off and to ensure a uniform feel across the entire mattress.

“Since its introduction in 1948, Tension Ease quickly became a customer favorite. As we mark our 130th year, we are reinventing one of our most trusted models with new technology that delivers on Tension Ease’s original promise: no matter what position you sleep in, you’ll rest better on a Tension Ease,” said Mark Kinsley, CEO of Englander.

In addition to the Tension Ease H2, Englander is expanding its range with the Everest™ luxury innerspring mattress. This new model includes a phase change cooling cover, 3° cooling coils, Englander Edge™ technology, and a blend of 100% natural copper infused Talalay latex and copper memory foam for added pressure relief.

Englander’s product line is organized into clear categories such as luxury innerspring, latex hybrid, hybrids, and innerspring to facilitate easier navigation for customers and retailers.

Offered in a variety of color options and comfort levels, the Englander range is available at retail prices ranging from $799 to $3,999.

Englander invites attendees to visit their showroom, C-1596, at the Las Vegas Market from January 28-31, to view the updated products and experience its refreshed showroom.

About Englander
Founded in 1894, Englander is one of the top 15 bedding producers in the USA with a legacy of crafting high-quality, bench-made mattresses. Blending traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, our people make mattresses that embody our commitment to ‘Better Sleep by Design®’. Renowned for our innovative approach to sleep comfort, Englander continues to provide unparalleled sleep experiences to customers worldwide, building on over a century of expertise in the bedding industry.