Restonic Earns 10th Consecutive Women’s Choice Award


Restonic Mattress Corporation has been awarded its 10th Women’s Choice Award for excellence in brand experience. The company was the first bedding manufacturer to qualify for the award in 2012 and has won it every year since.

Women's Choice Award

“We’re honored to have qualified for the Women’s Choice Award consistently for a decade and grateful that so many of our customers would happily refer Restonic to their friends and family,” said Julia Rosien, vice president of marketing. “For 85 years, Restonic has driven brand growth by over-delivering on both product performance and customer service and this award shows us that we’re still headed in the right direction.”

The Women’s Choice Award is an important asset to Restonic as women heavily influence which bedding brand to purchase — some stats suggest women make 90% of the decision process. Whether it’s in national ad campaigns, printed point of sale resources or one of the many digital and social media assets, the Women’s Choice Award is always given prominent real estate.

“Restonic’s strong female leadership team and our long-term association with the Women’s Choice Award and WithIt allow us connect with this key demographic,” said Laurie Tokarz, president, Restonic. “We’re excited to continue our journey with Women’s Choice in all of our brand categories, knowing the award helps our consumers understand our beloved Restonic brand better and make smarter buying choices.”

Industry partners congratulated the company on the honor. “Congratulations to Restonic for receiving their 10th Women’s Choice Award,” said Drew Scott, co-founder of Scott Brothers Global. “Consumer awards like this are highly influential on the retail floor and we’re thrilled to see Restonic recognized for their commitment to craftsmanship, quality and customer service.”

“Our partnership with Restonic is the stuff dreams are made of, with five consecutive years of growth in retail placements, consumer purchases and — most important — great nights of sleep for our customers,” said Jonathan Scott. 

To augment the importance of the award, Restonic and Women’s Choice have collaborated on various consumer studies designed to help retailers refine their marketing strategies.

In their most recent project, Restonic and Women’s Choice teamed up on a national sleep survey to poll women on how their sleep habits changed throughout the pandemic. The survey included insightful comments on how, where and what consumers are buying post-pandemic, while building on the narrative of how a supportive, comfortable mattress contributes to a healthier life.

The Women’s Choice team said they are happy with the continued partnership. “Restonic’s laser sharp focus on excellence and product innovation has resulted in ten consecutive Women’s Choice awards — a feat unmatched by any other brand,” said Delia Passi, CEO and founder of Women’s Choice. “We salute Restonic’s leadership in meeting and exceeding expectations of their female customers’ needs. We’re very proud to call them a partner in our mission to empower women in the marketplace.