King Koil Launches Next Generation of SmartLife

SmartLife Next Gen Launch. Each of the four new SKUS of SmartLife mattresses features nine comfort settings. 
Each of the four new SKUS of SmartLife mattresses features nine comfort settings. 

King Koil has introduced the next generation of SmartLife Mattress by King Koil, featuring four new beds that use enhanced components that are more responsive to the collection’s technology.  

“The SmartLife Mattress by King Koil program has been incredibly successful since its launch in 2020,” said David Binke, CEO of the Avondale, Arizona-based company. “For this next generation, we wanted to include a broader range of feels using different cushioning materials, including Talalay latex. 

“Previously we were unable to incorporate the leading latex product into SmartLife, as it blocked a good portion of the sensation of the smart cells. In this new iteration, we collaborated closely with Talalay Global to develop a latex component specifically designed for this unique mattress product, making the differentiation between the ‘feels’ much more obvious in these new models.” 

The new collection consists of the SL Firm, SL Medium, SL Plush and SL Latex Plush. Its new Smart Cell Technology incorporates 80 individual Smart Cells and eight independently controlled zones from head to toe. The patented body-sensing technology continuously monitors and automatically adjusts to each individual’s unique body shape, height and weight.  

Like the previous versions, the next generation comes with an integrated smart controller that uses silicon-chip microprocessors and digital pressure sensors to evaluate body type and position, providing adaptive support. 

The next generation of Smartlife Mattress by King Koil ranges between $4,500 to $5,500, depending on the specific model, in queen. Learn more about the program with King Koil’s SmartLife App, available in the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store

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